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Here are all the Links to the Video to watch the Constitutional Question Court Case Brought by We the People of Arizona.
If you have facebook you can follow Daniel Wood there for more updates. If you do not have facebook we will do more videos on Rumble here.

Here is a fast easy way to Remove yourself form the Mail in ballot list in Arizona. If you would Click on the link just below you can download the paper fill it out and mail it in. If you would like you can also Email a scanned copy over to the and we can get it in for you. Here is a short video on what you need to doom Rumble Click the video link below.

Removal of Elected Government 


Please  watch the video then download the Affidavit print it on 8.5" x 14" paper have it notarized and email it back to

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Affidavit to download

If you are looking for the Locations where we will be for Signing the Affidavits click the link below

Here I have given you information on School Boards that we could uses your help going to meetings. Click the button for Schools and look over the list go to a meeting get involved.

Here is a list of the Boards of Supervisors in Arizona. This will help you get to meetings and give you links to look over the information that comes our from their meetings. Click the button for the information.

Here is a link to the list I have put together for the City Councils in Arizona. Please get involved and attend these groups so that you know what is going on in Arizona. 

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Here in this video Daniel Woods tells you about an Affidavit that he has.  Click the buttons to the Left to  watch the video and download the affidavit for Election Integrity for Arizona.
Locations for signings is in the location button above.
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