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The Medical and Power of Attorney Affidavits

Click the button below to get to the list of States. Find your state and you will find the Medical Affidavits and Power of Attorney that you can download. Get them notarized and keep them with you for any thing that might come up. We can notarized them for you through the Affidavit Mommas for $5.00 if you need us to help you. You can reach out to us for More information at

Constitution Candidate's Affidavit of Statement

Here is an Affidavit that you can us all over the United States. Asking the Candidates running for any office to sign. This is asking them to put there name to an Affidavit of holding up the Oath of office and holding up the United States and Your States Constitution.

Affidavit to Remove Government 
Here is the Link to the video that will explain what you need to do with your Affidavit.
Please watch the video the download the affidavit print it on 8.5"x14" Paper Notarized it and send us back a copy we will get it to the right place for you. We must get a copy sent back to our email.



This affidavit can be use for any School, School Board, Work Place, Government Official


Here is a Affidavit for any Military Person


Here is an Affidavit to request a organization to show where they are getting their money from.

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