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Boston: Saved Case Closed
Kentucky: Saved Case Closed
Ohio: Saved Case Closed
Arizona: Saved Case Closed
Texas: On Going One child back home
California: On Going
Illinois: Brother with Family On Going
Arizona: Elderly Abuse, Case Closed
Arizona: On Going

Other things we have been a part in

Arizona Audit and Election Integrity
Ghost Guns
Auto Workers Union
Parents Rights
5G around the U.S.
Fountain Hills 5G moratorium, Multi-family housing, Illegal Rehab centers removed
HOA's reformed
Miracle Valley Historical Site: Tucson
Louisiana: Land Grab

Medical Cases

Worked on OSHA Case: Supreme Court, Jim Jordan
Religious Freedom Notices: All over the U.S
First Man released from the Hospital in Arizona
Girls Family from South of Tucson
Brain Dead People around U.S
Medical help for little girl in California
Medical Testimony and POA for People around America
School Board Medical Affidavits in Arizona 

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