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Devotion's by Deborah

Devotion 2-8-24, Philippians 4:13- "I can do all things through Him who strengthens me." When life is fine and everything is rolling along well, we may lose sight of our need for God. But, let one piece fall out of place and the illusion of well-being evaporates. We feel vulnerable and lost. If we are steadfastly following Jesus, this lostness is unnecessary. We will feel it because it is in our emotional storehouse; however, we are not lost. We are unsteady; we are confused; we are unsure of the next step; but, we are not lost. We, who are Christ-followers, have innumerable assurances to lean on as God guides us through foreign territory and uneven ground. We turn to God's word and find encouragement and hope. Some verses, like our verse today, seem unrealistic. How can I do ALL things? Again, we look with human eyes, weak in the flesh, rather than eyes concentrated on God only. Of course "we" cannot do all things! But as we persistently concentrate on what God will do, we find that He has changed us, adjusted us. We are more than we were. We have heavenly abilities we never knew were even possible. With each new experience of life, with each new problem or crisis, comes the opportunity to become strengthened in Christ. One key in this process is reading uplifting devotional material and your Bible. Know your Bible. Know God well enough that He becomes your source of strength; know He is with you. Isaiah 26:3 encourages us, "The steadfast in mind You will keep in perfect peace because he trusts in You." God will guard and keep you as you intentionally focus on Him. He will be your strength. You are not on your own. Hallelujah!

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Devotion's by Deborah

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Devotion's by Deborah

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Devotion's by Deborah

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